Your mind needs a different kind of break.


Dear friend,

“Last week felt like the last real push of the year. People are beginning to wind down and plan for slower days with friends and family.

But, it can be really difficult to slow down if the past weeks/months have been full. Sure, the first day or two of a break might be easy to just relax, but inevitably, the habit of hustling and over-thinking kicks back in before you know it. It just gets redirected to other things. That’s why many of us end our breaks needing another break.

Instead, take a few minutes to think about how to replace your work habits with restful/filling habits:

• If you usually start your day on your phone, try leaving your tech in another room and only picking it up after reading, writing, or exercise each morning.

• If you’re used to producing a lot of work/content, try learning something new that’s not directly connected to your work. Plan trips to a museum, visit a conservatory, find local experiences, or slot in a few documentaries.

• If you’re used to sitting all day, set a goal of x days of exercise. Go on extra-long bike rides, runs, walks, etc.

• If you’re used to being around people, try planning a few intentional hours when you can be totally alone. Got a place that inspires you? Go there. Bring a journal, and recall some of the highlights and lowlights of the past year. If you can, do this more than once.

The idea is that it’s not enough to just “stop,” — we need to replace our habits with other activities to help us make the full shift into a time of rest.”

— Victor Saad at Experience Lab

I got that email from my friend, Victor, yesterday, and it helped realize even more, what my heart and mind needs.

As for me, I'll be taking the next two Mondays off. Wherever you are today, and whatever your plans are, I hope you’re in good company and re-centering your mind and heart on what matters most.

I wish you a happy holiday and Merry Christmas in advance, friend.





彡A young storyteller, teacher, and activist who loves to dream. 彡

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Delight Asaph🍁

Delight Asaph🍁

彡A young storyteller, teacher, and activist who loves to dream. 彡

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